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Copyright, credits and thanks

Dockers and Drifting were the result of cultural geography research at Royal Holloway, University of London, sponsored by the Economic and Social Research Council in collaboration with the Museum of London. Ports of Call was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Liquid History was produced with Elmbridge Borough Council.

© Royal Holloway, University of London 2005
Interviews © Museum of London or Toby Butler
Photographs © Steve Whiting or Museum in Docklands

Satellite photographs © Bluesky International Ltd (licence agreement 40399)

CASE studentship award PTA-033-2002-00039

All rights reserved

Credits: Lewis Gibson (sound design) (photography) (design)

Memoryscape conceived and created by Toby Butler (

Special thanks to the people who agreed to be interviewed for this project; my supervisor David Gilbert; Annette Day, Alex Werner and Cathy Ross (Museum of London); Rose Jaijee (London Rivers Association); Elizabeth Butler; Graeme Miller; Peter Kent; Felix Driver, Phil Crang and the landscape surgeons; Anne Ballard, Sarah Nunn and Giles Rollerstone.

Dedicated to my children Josh and Lily, who spent their early lives afloat.


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