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Downloading the walks

You can download the mp3 files that you need to play the walks on an MP3 player or i-pod from here. The download folder will also contain a map of the route that you can print out. Each track number corresponds to the numbers on the map.

Please note that a section of the riverside walk in Dockers is now closed for building work; there are diversion signs to guide you around the building site and it is still possible to complete the walk.

These files are free, but for personal use only and not for distribution. Better quality recordings are available on professionally produced CD with a purpose made map booklet, which is for sale here. If you like the downloads and would like to make a donation towards the costs of hosting this website, you can do do securely by credit card by clicking on the PayPal button below:

The following times are a rough guide to how long it will take for each walk to download:

Broadband: 7 minutes
ISDN: 28 minutes
56k modem: 1 hour 15 minutes

Download zipped folders below (requires Win Zip or similar compression software) by double clicking on the relevant picture and selecting 'save to disc'.

Liquid History download

Drifting download dockers download

If you have difficulty hearing, you can print out a full transcript of the walks here.


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