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Added: March 30, 2006 Submitted by: John Ellis
From: Leytonstone

I think your project is excellent. Really nicely done and a great idea. I
have a friend coming from Germany - we'll do the walks together. My
friend's father worked in the docks as a German prisoner of war. One
Christmas the trustworthy prisoners were released to wander around. My
mates dad was strolling around when someone lifted a window and asked him
why he was by himself on Christmas day. When he explained the situation,
the London family took him in and gave him a wonderful Christmas dinner
with all the trimmings! They were friends thereafter.
All the best with your project
John Ellis

Added: December 9, 2005     Submitted by: Toby Butler

I was very pleased to see that the Memoryscape CD set was on a 'staff
recommendations' display stand in Ottaker's book shop, Greenwich , with the
following little review:
Sheer genious, these. Slot the CD into a walkman (or if you are up to date,
store it on your i-pod), get the map out and you have your very own tour
guide, complete with archive audio footage. A great way to spend the
Thank you Ottaker's staff!

Added: December 1, 2005     Submitted by: Patricia Collins

just a note to say how much I liked your river walk cd. I admit I've done
them from my own fireside but I know the Kingston stretch of river well
enough to visulaise it. I've sent it on, by way of atonement, to a friend
who lives opposite ravens ait... indeed officiates at weddings there.. who
walks this stretch of river regularly.
The docks tape put me in mind of the work of photographer Simon Attee who
projects old photos of for example buidings of interwar berlin onto the
self same buildings or sites today.
regards, Patricia Collins

Added: October 4, 2005     Submitted by: Toby

Andree, thank you so much for letting me know, I'll fix it at once. So pleased you liked the walk - please email me a questionnaire though (links above) as I desperately need them for my PhD work!

Added: October 4, 2005     Submitted by: Andree Lüke

From: Germany , now living in London

Hello there,
I loved your 'Dockers' audiowalk very much and am planning to do it again
with some visitors I expect next month. However, when you want to download
single excerpts from the homepage, there seems to be one false link, as the
transcript download under
actually refers to a document from the Drifters walk,
I thought you might like to know that.
Very good website and accompanying material!!!
Cheers, Andree

Added: September 27, 2005     Submitted by: Sean Kayser

From: Cape Town , S.A.

Hi Toby
I listened to the last few minutes of an interview you had on radio. Your
concept, download - listen - walk - look, that's brilliant. The files are
now on my ipod. I am doing the walk next Sunday when my dad is visiting
from S.A. He is a retired lighthouse keeper and holds an enourmous interest
in all aspects of dock yards.
I will send through his comments early next week.
Best regards

Added: September 19, 2005    Submitted by: Lucy

Hi Toby,
Thought the walks were great! I was lucky to have had sunny weather during
Loved the Drifters walk especially the bit about the wedding.
I think every American tourist should buy a copy of the CD and do the
walks- I was very tempted to do some promotion for you by shouting at them
all while standing on the Cutty Sark!
I'm not surprised you won a 'Bright Ideas' award for these it was a great
idea. Hope you do some more!
Best wishes
Lucy B.

Added: September 19, 2005     Submitted by: Toby

Hi Anna
That is great, I really hope you like it. I hope you can send me a
questionnaire in - it is a word document which you can email to me. Just go
to and click on the 'feedback' link. I am desperate
for questionnaires at the moment - I have got about 50 so far, but you need
a lot to show the academics that they are statistically meaningful!
I have thought about deaf people doing the walk - you can get entire
transcripts of the walk from the website's 'downloads' page
( I usually take one along
when I do organised walks for hard of hearing people. You can also 'do' the
walk on the website with photos and mini transcripts of each spot, but I
think it is better to get out there and see it!
If you have any thoughts on how I could make it even more accessable do let
me know, because I take the access issue very seriously. I am taking out a
partially sighted group in a couple of weeks - I am really interested in
what they get from the multi-sensory experience, and to see how it differs
from sighted feedback (if at all).
Very best wishes

Added: September 19, 2005     Submitted by: Anna

Hi Toby,
Thanks for the CD and info. I think this is a great project. I have managed
to persuade my colleague to download the walk onto our new MP3 player that
she got free with a paper order for the office! It's worked.
My friend and I hope to do the Ash Island walk this Sunday if the weather's
Have you thought about making the walk accessible to deaf people? I work in
that area you see.
Best wishes and thanks

Added: September 19, 2005    Submitted by: Connor

From: Grenada

"Memory is a crazy woman that hoards colored rags and throws away food." ~ Austin O'Malley

Added: August 24, 2005     Submitted by: Toby


Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I recorded the interviews
using a mini-disc recorder with a seperate microphone. The sound editing
was done professionally on a computer, but simple editing is not difficult
to learn if you just want to put some clips together. If you need any
advice or training, don't hesitate to let me know. And please give the CD
to your father - I would love to know what ex-dockers think of it!

Added: August 2, 2005     Submitted by: Sarah

From: Northumbria

Having received your message about the walk you were organising, but being
unable to join in as I live in Northumbria , I thought I'd download the
Dockers narrative and have a listen anyway.
I really enjoyed the walk, although it would presumably be a bit different
to actually do the physical journey.
In fact, I think similar style walks could really be of interest here were
I work - I am House Steward for the National Trust at Cragside. We have
1000 acres of estate to explore and all sorts of stories to tell.
I have been inspired to look into how we should set about oral history
collection at Cragside.
My dad used to work for the PLA at the Albert Dock, so is was rather
interesting to hear a further background to part of his life. I may even
pass it onto him to listen some time. How long has it taken you to do all
this? Obviously the oral histories are all already done, but the production
quality is very good.
What did you need to create the talk? Much clever hardwear? Overall, then,

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