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GPS (Global Positioning System) waypoints of the float path: Hampton Court to Hammersmith

Each time the float that was dragged by the current hit the bank, I recorded a GPS point. The exercise took many (separate) days. I originally intended to follow the float to the Thames Barrier, but the width of the river and its tide meant that the impact points grew further apart and following the float no longer became practicable. The tide changes the direction of the current to such an extent that it can take months for floating debris to get through London. Several months after Christmas, you can see discarded Christmas trees still floating to and fro. The Drifting walk was designed along a stretch with interesting waypoints and public transport access. If anyone is interested in visiting these float collision waypoints for any reason, they are listed below for use with a GPS.

  Lat/Lon hddd.ddddd°
Waypoint 1 My houseboat N51.40644 W0.34735
Waypoint 2 Riding stables opposite Molesey Lock N51.40534 W0.34538
Waypoint 3 Molesey Motor Yacht Club N51.40495 W0.34492
Waypoint 4 Cigarette Island N51.40284 W0.34122
Waypoint 5 Cigarette Island N51.40258 W0.34058
Waypoint 6 Wedding site; Cigarette Island N51.40122 W0.33874
Waypoint 7 Willows (discovered pond) N51.40093 W0.34244
Waypoint 8 Concrete pillows near bench N51.39855 W0.33522
Waypoint 9 Stick in the Thames near concrete steps: rowers N51.39571 W0.33164
Waypoint 10 Site of police incident N51.39508 W0.33120
Waypoint 11 The Pavilion N51.39413 W0.33043
Waypoint 12 Romford 281 N51.39258 W0.32930
Waypoint 13 Bungalow collision N51.39148 W0.32712
Waypoint 14 Opposite Harts boatyard pontoons N51.39664 W0.31413
Waypoint 15 Jetty post, Turk launches scrap barge (float in reverse here) N51.39596 W0.31398
Waypoint 16 Raven's Ait N51.39935 W0.31105
Waypoint 17 Stuck in branch between Kingston and Teddington N51.42790 W0.31221
Waypoint 18 Teddington Weir (lost first float) N51.42898 W0.31483
Waypoint 19 Teddington Weir 2 N51.42906 W0.31487
Waypoint 20 House/school N51.43046 W0.32115
Waypoint 21 PLA encounter N51.43663 W0.32814
Waypoint 22 Eel Pie Island N51.44551 W0.32214
Waypoint 23 Opposite Marble Hill Park N51.44745 W0.30884
Waypoint 24 Towpath 1 N51.44907 W0.30505
Waypoint 25 Towpath 2 N51.44907 W0.30505
Waypoint 26 St Olaf's Salvage boat nr Richmond N51.45349 W0.30288
Waypoint 27 Visitors and and cafe (planning consent notice) N51.45703 W0.30554
Waypoint 28 Bench sponsored by Heathrow Airport Ltd N51.45955 W0.31065
Waypoint 29 Richmond lock/weir N51.46197 W0.31551
Waypoint 30 Kew Bridge, found old float by houseboat and teenage kids N51.48657 W0.28776
Waypoint 31 benches and ha ha, Kew Gardens/Syon House N51.47528 W0.30654
Waypoint 32 Sewerage works and flat developments with billboards N51.47537 W0.30622
Waypoint 33 Hammersmith Bridge pillar N51.47121 W0.26735
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