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Picture of motel with lorry outside

picture of tea van - post war




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We're nearly at the end of the walk at the Millennium motel. There's a cafe inside. If it's open you can buy a cup of tea and listen inside.

This cafe has served lorry drivers for many years who have come here to take goods from the wharfs. Before hearing from Philip Moore, the current manager of the motel, Eileen Gibbons describes what it was like to work in the mobile canteens that supplied dockers with tea in the 1940's.

You have to see this place to believe it - it could be called the Restaurant at the End of Universe. For me this place showed that a heart was still beating here, for the few industries left at least. As you will hear, this place isn't going to be here for long; it is here that you finally realise that much of the route you have walked will change beyond recognition soon as it is redeveloped for housing. You too are a witness to a passing age, here and now on the Greenwich peninsula.

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