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  Picture of locked gates of the Pavilion
Picture of a passenger steamer
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I followed the float here on a very wet rainy day. The float was moving very slowly so I began to aimlessly circle it in my boat. Someone called me over from a vehicle on the bank. It was the Royal Parks Police. I took the boat over and they said that they had received a complaint from one of the bungalows that I was acting suspiciously. The policeman said going up and down they could deal with, but a loan man going round in circles! They let me continue with my research in the rain. As they float had not hit the bank yet, I decided not to ask them for an interview. To be honest, I didn't really feel like it.

The float had a near miss with a passenger steamer, then hit the bank outside a big house called the Pavilion. I didn't have much luck at there either - I couldn't get up to the door as the security was tight, so I left a request for an interview in the letterbox, but never got a reply.

Instead I arranged for an interview with a captain of the one of the passenger steamers, John Osborne, who will feature at several more points along the walk. Sometimes there are parties held on these boats late at night, which can irritate the bungalow owners.

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