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The bank just before Raven's Ait, near Hart's Boatyard, was the last time the float touched the side of the river before floating fairly quickly all the way through Kingston. First you will hear more from Ossie Stewart who runs the yard. He tells some river history that might surprise you.

This track is played as you walk, and the stories come thick and fast. Kingston is where I took my first ever boat trip on this river when I was a teenager; you will hear about it from Haylie Long, the friend I took the trip with.

Then there are the memorial benches. Where there is water, there are memorial benches. And remembering things is an important part of this walk, so have a listen to the inscriptions - maybe they will tell you something.

Finally we will hear from Howard, the houseboat dweller we began the walk with. He describes how the Kingston riverscape has changed so dramatically in living memory.




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