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  Picture of Cigarette Island picture of wedding on roof of boat  
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This island was named after the 'Cigarette', a big houseboat that used to be moored here. My float hit here near a fisherman. Before I could row over, the fisherman grabbed my float and started walking off with it. I quickly tied up the boat and ran after him, explaining that he had an important experiment in his hands. He said it looked like a bit of rubbish. He gave my float back, but did not want to be interviewed for the project. However, he did tell me an interesting story about fish. Near tributaries and waterfalls, bigger fish lie in wait for smaller ones to come by. But they have a pecking order - the biggest fish get the best spots at the front; the smaller fish stay out of the way at the back.

This island was also where I got married. My wife and I had both lived aboard for a long time and wanted to get married somewhere that was meaningful to both of us, so we brought the boat up from Ash Island to here, where the guests could sit on the bank and watch while we had a ceremony on the roof of the boat. I recorded some of the guest's memories of the event, and the sound you can hear was actually recorded at the wedding.

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