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Swans and Ducks
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picture of two swans

picture of person feeding swans and ducks


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As you get closer to Kingston Bridge you should see a large colony of swans that like to feed here. Like my float they move around, so you should play the last track when you get very close to them. You will hear about Londoner's peculiar relationship with these birds from an ex-swan master, Michael Turk, who also runs the passenger boats around here.

After that you will also hear the strangest story that you will ever hear about feeding ducks from Alan Spong. You will hear from him again in the next Memoryscape walk, which starts at the Cutty Sark in Greenwich.

What a walk. If you haven't actually done it, get out there and experience it for yourself! You won't regret it. The links below will explain how you can get the maps and sound files to play on your personal stereo as you walk. I guarantee that you will never see the river Thames in the same way again.


If you want to know the exact locations of where the float hit the bank in the Drifting experiment, you can find them here.


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